Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lol courage the cowardly dogg :D

 however this is an eggplant still thought it was a good episode the old man fails haha

I believe that if you eat plums you seem more intelligent

This was first said by a close friend of mine. Of course i quickly replied saying.... you are absolutely wrong. But then i thought i would put this theory to the test! After a long course of eating more plums I realized that I was becoming able to react and retain more knowledge. This in fact was the start of my new discovery... The World of Plums. Imagine it a world where all could eat plums and become great and mighty people. Some people would have debates of when the plums are ripe or not but... I would create McPlums the GREATEST plumtation farm and fast food restaurant that would open the eyes of the world... It was a success.

Hey guys!

Hey this is my 1st post :).
I just wanted the world to know how much I love plums and show their awesomeness!